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Changzhou JWELL Intelligent Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company profile

    In 1978, China's first screw brand, Golden Conch, was born in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.


    In 1997, JWELL Machinery was established in Shanghai and JWELL Brand was born.


    In 2008, Golden Weft Machinery Suzhou Factory was established


    Mr. He Haichao, chairman of JWELL , invested 1 billion RMB to establish JWELL  Machinery Liyang Co., Ltd. in Zhongguancun Science Park, Liyang, Jiangsu Province. JWELL Industrial Park officially laid its foundation in 2013


    In August 2015, JWELL 's first chemical equipment company, which is mainly engaged in double granulation, was formally established.


   On August 8, 2018, intelligent chemical equipment was built on the ground, marking JWELL's entry into the era of flat double granulation 2.0.


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