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Various Mixing Systems
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Raw materials can be premixed to a certain extent before being fed into twin screw extruder. The main purpose is to make the raw materials evenly pre-mixed, resin pre-plastication, pre-absorb of additives, infiltration of powder, removing of moisture in raw material. JWELL machinery provides various mixing equipment solutions to meet the premix of different material systems.

Horizontal ribbon mixer

It can be used for simple cold mixing of materials or heat mixing of materials with additional heating unit.


High speed mixer/Hot mixer

It can mix ingredients efficiently with high speed. There are a variety of agitating vane types available for different raw material systems. In the mixing process, temperature of the material increases continuously through self-friction. The mixer body is designed with jacket structure, which can be heated or cooled by adding medium to achieve different technological purposes.


Low speed mixer/Cold mixer

Application of horizontal and vertical design

1. Mixing of materials in a simple way

2. Jacket structure, cooling the hot mixed materials through water, which helps to reduce the degradation degree of materials.

3. Jacket structure, heating the material through oil, which helps to melt additives or remove the moisture.



High speed and low speed mixer/ Heating & cooling mixer unit

The combination design can ensure the efficient mixing of materials. Also it can cool the mixed hot material quickly, avoiding the degradation of heat-sensitive materials. It is typically used for mixing PVC, low smoke halogen free and other heat-sensitive materials.




Especially for heat-sensitive and shear-sensitive materials, sufficient pre-mixing by kneader has plasticized the raw materials, which requires less for the compounding ability of extruder and lower the risk of degradation of raw materials.


Vertical agitator hopper

The materials are simply mixed and homogenized and can be simply dried by auxiliary heating air.


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