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Application Reaction extruder pellet
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In the high viscosity reaction system, twin screw extruder has many advantages that traditional equipment can't reach, because of strong heat and mass transfer, interface renewal capability, narrow residence time distribution, excellent heat transfer and stripping ratio surfaces; and continuous production. Twin screw polymerization reaction extruder (twin screw extruder reactor) has more complex processes and more technology intensive than traditional equipment because it can provide not only physical processes such as heat transfer, mixing, shearing, transportation, exhaust and extrusion that common extruders are able to, but also chemical polymerization reaction. The quantity of twin screw extruder may be not huge, but the importance of it is cannot be replaced at present.

Generally, structure and specification of the production line should be customized subject to specific material system and polymerization process requirement.

Typical applications:

TPU reaction extrusion (polyurethane fibre, elastomer, adhesive)

PC melt polycondensation

PMMA bulk polymerization

Acrylic resin polymerization

Nylon polycondensation and various graft reactions etc.

TPU reaction polymerization pelletizing line

Flow chart  



Twin screw extruder for TPU reaction


TPU Raw material storage system


TPU Raw material dosing system


            TPU Underwater pelletizing system 


Typical host configurations are as follows


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