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Application Color Masterbatches
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Twin screw extruder for masterbatches


Masterbatches in the plastic industry include filler masterbatches, color masterbatches, functional masterbatches, flame retardant masterbatches, and reinforced masterbatches etc. The masterbatches mentioned here refer to color masterbatches and functional masterbatches.

1.Color masterbatch is a certain proportion of organic or inorganic pigment added to the carrier resin, that is, colored pellets made of evenly dispersed high concentration pigment. In general, the higher the pigment percentage, the more difficult color masterbatch production.

2.Color masterbatch is generally added with various organic pigments, the highest proportion is 40%;

3.Black masterbatch is generally added carbon black, the highest proportion is 55%;

4.White masterbatch is generally added TiO2, the highest proportion is 75%.


Functional masterbatch refers to the addition of a certain proportion of functional additives, (such as antioxidant, stabilizer, uv absorber, antistatic agent, skid inhibitor, etc.) to the carrier resin, making it uniformly dispersed to get high concentration pellets. In general, the proportion of functional additives is between 15% and 40%.


Color masterbatch production can be divided into premixing method and multiple feeding method according to the process characteristics. Premixing method is relatively simple with high speed mixer.

The process flow is as follows:


Multi-feeding method usually uses loss-in-weight feeders for precise raw material feeding, and the production process is as follows



JWELL twin screw extruder adopts narrow gap design for color masterbatch to improve shearing and dispersing ability and ensure compounding quality



To improve the quality, all ingredients are generally premixed with kneader to get better dispersion when producing white and black masterbatches.Usually, functional masterbatch production line is also capable of color masterbatch processing.

Typical extruder configurations are as below:


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